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            WELCOME TO HONYONE ELECTRICAL CO.,LIMITED Hotline:(86)-769-86888706      中文版  /  English
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            Switch application in Ship yacht Field

            Honyone Company has been committed to water transport tools, ships, warships, yacht aspects of the switch research and development work, due to special work environment requirements, for switch parts have a high demand, honyone from the beginning of the company has been in the early days of the South China Sea Fleet related areas to maintain long-term cooperation,
            In recent years, with the improvement of people\’s Daily consumption level, the demand of high-end yacht is also increasing, which makes the switch of honyone company enlarge the use range of water freight tool.
            Due to the water transport, the need for long-term outdoor movement on the water, the use of the switch is very high requirements:
            1. The switch must adopt the special plastic material, guarantees in the long-term outdoors sunshine, each plastic part invariance, the high ultraviolet radiation, needs the rigorous anti-aging test.
            2. Switch needs high waterproof, IP waterproof grade up to IP67, corrosion resistance test.
            High and low temperature resistance test. 3. All conductive parts of the switch need gold-plated material, low contact resistance and high sensitivity.

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