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            WELCOME TO HONYONE ELECTRICAL CO.,LIMITED Hotline:(86)-769-86888706      中文版  /  English
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            Switch application of stage lighting and audio control system
            With the increasing of people\’s life, the consumer demand for spiritual and cultural life is further improved, advanced sound system, home theater, karaoke karaoke, schools, enterprises and institutions of the performance needs to be further expanded. For stage Lighting console switch requirements, Honyone combined with the company\’s 20 switch manufacturing experience, the production of a suitable lighting 512 control console, 1024 console, 2048 Pearl console button switch.

            Console switches are highly demanding for switches:
            1. Feel to maintain absolute consistency, a light console up to 120 switches, to keep the switch feel at the same time, is honyone leading the industry to win the Magic Weapon, Honyone company for this special development of a set of fully automated assembly line, to ensure that the switch feel consistent.

            2. Console switch requirements waterproof, dustproof, due to the complex and diverse application environment, switch must be dust-proof, waterproof, honyone company has the invention patent of this switch, waterproof, dustproof. 3. The service life of the switch is up to 1 million times, and after the stop using 2-3 years, guarantee the first press switch, the absolute conduction performance.

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